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Acne - An Alternative Remedy

Acne can be an embarrassing issue and it is one that many individuals deal with on a daily basis. Acne appears for a number of different reasons and there are just as many ways to treat acne as there are reasons for its appearance. Acne is an issue that can be successfully treated, especially if one chooses to use alternative remedies to treat it. There are numerous herbs and techniques that have been successful in treating acne in the past as well as currently.

First, a change in diet may reveal why acne has appeared. A diet in fatty foods or one that contains a lot of sugar often results in an increase in acne or the new appearance of acne. By reducing the fatty junk foods in one's diet one may find that their acne issues disappear.

Second, acne is often formed because the skin is not properly cared for. Using regular soap is not enough to ensure that skin, especially in the areas of the face and neck, is getting clean. The use of special facial creams to clean the face is recommended and individuals that have acne can benefit from the regular use of witch hazel as a daily astringent.

Finally, drinking plenty of water and taking additional vitamins can improve the appearance of skin and can help reduce the appearance of unwanted acne. Water helps the body naturally cleanse away additional toxins in the body and vitamins help promote healing from within.