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High Cholesterol Diagnosed In A Reflexology Session

The healing technique we call reflexology, is actually the oldest form of treatment known to man. Simply put reflexology is nothing but a “healing touch.” Rubbing and massaging to soothe or relax a pain or an ache is something which we instinctively do. The age old tradition of curing by touch was analyzed by doctors Dr. William Fitzgerald and Dr. Joe Shelby Riley in the early 1920s. They developed the diagnostic technique of reflexology based on the premise that the body represents its cells and an ache can be treated from various points in the body by applying the right pressure.

Every single cell in your body affects other cells. Reflexology is based on the fact that by choosing an area in your entire body and massaging that part, you can influence the affected organ and cure it. However there are some areas that represent a particular area more than others. For example massaging the toe area can directly affect the liver or the head.

Reflexology has been proved to be quite useful in treating a variety of ailments in men and women alike, one of them being high cholesterol problems. High cholesterol is one of the high risk factors for heart problems and cardio vascular diseases. High cholesterol also causes loss of memory, laziness and impotence. Cholesterol is not fat but fat like substance produced naturally in the liver. So, that means even if we do not eat food comprising of cholesterol, we still have cholesterol. The good cholesterol takes the excess bad cholesterol to the liver. The liver is an important organ which dissolves or processes the bad cholesterol. If the bad cholesterol is in excess to the good cholesterol, it sticks to the blood vessels and causes blockage to the heart and other important organs in the body.

Reflexology is generally associated with foot massage. As per the findings and research of Eunice D. Ingham, the foot is representative or the reflection of the human body. For example, the toe represents the head and the heel represents the buttocks. Though there are many diagnostic options in the field of reflexology, foot reflexology remains the most popular form, synonymous with reflexology.

It has been seen that high cholesterol cases are often diagnosed and treated well in reflexology sessions. You should massage both the feet for ten minutes briskly daily, unless you suffer from hypertension, in which case you should massage the entire foot calmly and soothingly.