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I Go to an Herbalist Not a Conventional Doctor

If you're like me and have been less than satisfied with conventional medical treatment, you may want to consider going to an herbalist instead of or in addition to your regular family physician. An herbalist can provide you with information on how to safely treat a number of illnesses and ailments without all of the ill side effects caused by many prescription drugs. Best of all, if you are uninsured, herbal treatments are generally much less expensive than prescription drugs and they don't require a doctor's approval. However, this does not mean you should administer herbal treatments without first seeking advice on factors such as dosage amounts and recommended treatment time. The majority of herbs are not addicting like numerous medications but some should not be used for extended periods of time.

Just like prescriptions that are administered by your doctor, it may take a while to find the herb that works just right to treat you as an individual. It is best to experiment with a variety of herbs until you find one or several that provide adequate relief. Herbal treatments can often be used in addition to prescription drugs. Many patients have discovered that after combining herbal treatments with their medication, the need for the medication was lessened or completely eliminated.

If you would like to try herbal treatments but are unsure of where to begin, the first step is to locate a qualified herbalist who can advise you on which herbs may be beneficial to you. Herbalists are not doctors but their background and training should also be taken into consideration. Although they are not licensed to diagnose or treat illnesses, they can recommend to you herbs that may help your specific conditions and improve your overall health. A good organization to contact is the American Herbalists Guild. They can provide you with a list of professional herbalists in your area. To qualify for membership, herbalists must have at least five years of practical experience and meet certain standards for educational requirements.