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Insomnia - An Alternative Remedy

Insomnia, or the inability to fall asleep, can have devastating and lasting effects on one's overall health. When one is deprived of sleep not only is their overall awareness and alertness affected, but the immune system is compromised due to the stress an individual experiences when they endure episodes of insomnia. People who suffer with insomnia experience fatigue, brain fog, confusion, a lack of concentration, irritability and a continual lack of sleep can endanger a person's life. There are however, several effective alternative remedies people can use to treat episodes of insomnia effectively.

First, for those individuals that experience insomnia, a little rest and recreation is in order. In other words, doing things that are relaxing before it is time to go to bed can help relax the mind and make it easier for one to fall asleep. Meditations and visualizations are a great technique that will induce a relaxed, trance like state. Likewise, calming music can lull one to sleep when they are experiencing difficulty: the key is to get the mind off of focusing on daily stressors and to train the mind to focus on things that are calming.

Some herbal treatments are also effective in treating insomnia. Chamomile tea is known for helping people relax before going to bed and a bath in fresh lavender, also a form of aromatherapy, can help an individual successfully relax their mind and body. Once relaxation is realized, the act of sleeping is much easier to achieve.