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Losing Weight Without Losing Vitamins?

When you begin any diet program, one of your primary concerns should be whether you are getting enough vitamins to ensure good health. Even for those who are not trying to lose weight, vitamins are important to your body and an essential part of a balanced diet. How can you make sure you are receiving the proper vitamin balance? One way to do this is to eat a variety of foods from different food groups. Unfortunately, even the best planned diet regimens or regular diets have difficulty in ensuring you eat enough vitamins. You would have to eat eight to ten servings of fruits and vegetables every day—now that's a lot of food!

An easier and more reliable way to make sure you are getting enough vitamins is to take vitamin supplements. There are many available supplements that provide a natural and safe daily dose of the vitamins your body needs for optimal health. You should take a daily multivitamin along with supplements that align with your health and weight loss goals. For example, folic acid is an excellent supplement for women as it prevents a type of spinal cord defect and childhood leukemia during pregnancy, and also lowers the risk of colon cancer and breast cancer. B vitamins are also valuable for adults, particularly vitamin B12, which may lower cancer risk and prevent development of anemia with a vegetarian diet.

Other than assisting in weight loss and overall good health, vitamin supplements have many additional benefits. If you smoke or drink, you should definitely take vitamin supplements because these activities sap vitamins from your body—and of course, the best avenue for your health is to quit smoking, though researchers now believe that an average of two glasses of wine per day is good for you! Also, antioxidant vitamin supplements including vitamins E and C can help to protect the brain against the pathological damage associated with Alzheimer's disease. Vitamin supplements are an excellent way to help with weight loss, maintain overall health, and ensure your body receives sufficient nutrition—unless you decide to live at a salad bar!