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Memory Loss An Alternative Remedy

A great number of people in all age groups suffer from memory loss; increasingly, may of these people are seeking an alternative remedy for the problem. Among the alternative remedies for memory loss are vitamin supplements, dietary changes and herbs. Increased and varied exercise is another common alternative remedy for memory loss. Social interaction and mental stimulation are also very effective ways to battle memory loss. The most effective memory loss therapies may be a mixture of several of these approaches.

B vitamins are thought to be helpful in increasing memory function. Fruit of almost all varieties and nuts contain minerals which may decrease memory loss. Salmon and other fish high in the fatty acid omega 3 have many salutary effects including enhanced memory. Gingko Biloba and CoQ10 also may provide relief from symptoms of memory loss.

Many times memory loss may be caused by a decline in the brain's regular oxygen supply. Cardio-vascular exercise in particular stimulates blood oxygenation and can significantly inhibit memory loss. Breathing exercises which emphasize deep cleansing breathes and rhythmic breathing may alleviate some forms of memory loss. Aromatherapy can also be therapeutic. Memory may be stimulated by aromas such as peppermint and spearmint.

Memory stimulation through books, crossword puzzles and cognitive games has shown great promise in slowing and even reversing memory loss. Social activity in the form of card games and/or volunteer work is a proven way to dampen mental deterioration. Continuing education classes have the double benefit of mental stimulation through required daily study and through classroom relationships.

Some memory problems may be symptomatic of underlying medical problems. It is wise to consult a physician before embarking upon any alternative remedy for memory loss. Once a person has been assured that there are no organic reasons for memory lapses, there are many therapies which can rejuvenate mental capacity and significantly reduce memory loss.