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My Grandmothers Natural Remedies

Grandma's home remedies—some people scoff at them, but for those of us who have experienced the effects, there is no laughter at all when it comes to cold and flu season, a bout of insomnia or even a splitting headache.

When anyone in the family felt a cold coming on, without fail my Grandmother trotted out a mysterious concoction that includes whole cloves, a half a lemon, honey, black tea and her “secret ingredient.” My dad always said the secret ingredient was a shot of whiskey, but whatever it was, colds and even the flu could be cut in half by faithful consumption of this hot beverage right before an early bedtime.

Another of my Grandmother's natural remedies included a syrupy something for upset stomach. She would mince a length of fresh ginger root and mix it with honey and a bit of orange juice to make it go down. Whenever a stomachache popped up in my family, it was soon banished by this odd-sounding but effective mix. My Grandmother scoffed at pre-packaged ginger, preferring to mince it herself for maximum potency.

Sometimes, when the adults would overdo it on a night on the town, they would turn to my grandmother's special “morning after” recipe to alleviate hangovers. A raw egg, a hefty shot of Tabasco sauce and a half-cup of tomato juice leavened with a bit of Worsteshire chased the hangover blues away. Of course, the party animals my family always got a bit of a lecture when they confessed to needing “the cure”.

Natural remedies have been used for centuries for a very good reason—they really do work!