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Arthritis and Alternative Remedy

Aside from prescription medication, there are many alternatives to treat the pain and stiffness that comes with arthritis. One treatment that is getting attention, even from doctors at places like the Mayo Clinic, is Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA). GLA is an omega-6 fatty acid that researchers believe may help reduce some joint pain and tenderness as well as reduce the amount of stiffness that arthritic people feel in the morning. GLA can be found in the supplement section of your favorite store. Look for borage or primrose oil supplements. Fish oil is also thought to be very effective at reducing the pain that comes with arthritis. Doctors recommend limiting your intake of fish oil to no more than 3 grams per day.

Researchers also believe that adjusting your diet may help relieve arthritic symptoms. Doctors suggest getting more vitamin A as beta carotene, vitamin C and vitamin E as well as other anti-oxidants. You can easily add these to your diet through supplementation, or, even better, through adding things like carrots and oranges to your diet. In addition, researchers think that removing things that can trigger flare-ups, foods like tomatoes, potatoes, and dairy from your diet may also help with the arthritic pain.

There are also herbs that you can take, orally and topically, that may ease the pain of arthritis. Capsicum is a topical ointment made with cayenne pepper. Applied to the area, researchers think that it releases endorphins, which may you feel better, and blocks the effects of neurotransmitters that allow you to feel pain in the area. Doctors also think that cat's claw may be a useful herbal treatment. You should check with your doctor about how you can add these treatments to help manage your arthritis.