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Vegetarianism Has Helped My Health?

To the health conscious person, food these days is full of unwanted additives. Bovine growth hormones, antibiotics, animal feed that is full of all sorts of unhealthy ingredients; the list goes on and on. It's near impossible to feel safe eating meat in the age of Mad Cow disease, Bird Flu, and all the other dietary horror stories making daily appearances in the headlines.

For those ready to drop meat from their diets, there are many benefits to vegetarianism that become readily apparent. For starters, vegetarians don't get all those hormones and antibiotics passed along to them. Fat and cholesterol counts go way down once a person has given up bacon, sausage, fatburgers and the like.

Along with your new cholesterol count (which comes over time, of course) you also open your body up to a whole new world of exploration of fresh fruits and veggies. When was the last time you truly savored an avocado? Spaghetti squash? Zucchini? These succulent delights await the newcomer to vegetarian living, who is eager to taste new things and discover what else is out there once the tired old meat menu is finally put aside.

Giving up meat has a wide range of health benefits, but some new vegetarians overlook one of the most important; the surge of additional nutrients added to the diet as you replace meat with other things. Nuts, beans, soy products and other meat alternatives have a wide range of nourishing properties that have a wide range of benefits. The choice is yours, and the benefits to going meatless are unbelievable.