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Why I drink Herbal Teas?

To some, herbal teas conjure up images of devious old folks down on the farm dispensing snake oil remedies to unsuspecting passers-by. Scoff if you must, but herbal teas offer some potent help in some very common situations. Take chamomile tea, for example. This natural relaxant is a most excellent way to take the edge off when trying to kick the coffee habit. Feeling nervy and strung out because you aren't getting your morning black coffee rush? Try a double chamomile and feel the tension ease out of your shoulder blades and lower back.

If you are feeling blue, a good St. John's Wort tea is a tried-and-true mood lifter. St. John's Wort mimics the activity of certain anti depressants and in many people; it acts as a pick-me up when you're down in the dumps. One thing to keep in mind about this herbal tea—St. John's Wort can make some people a bit photosensitive with long-term enjoyment of St. John's Wort tea. If your eyes feel a bit touchy in bright sunlight, just grab your favorite pair of sunglasses and keep on enjoying the lifting effects of this excellent herbal remedy!

These are only two examples. There are digestive herbal teas with ginger root to soothe a sore stomach, peppermint teas which many women swear helps to relieve menstrual cramping, and the old favorite, green tea. Monks in ancient China loved this tea, which they said “promotes wakefulness”. Whatever tea you choose, you can't go wrong with a good, quality herbal made from all natural ingredients!