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Bad Breath - An Alternative Remedy

Bad breath may have a variety of causes and therefore a variety of treatments. Some bad breath, for example, may be caused by allergies or intolerances. For example, people with lactose intolerance will often have bad breath as one of the consequences of eating dairy. Check to make sure you do not have any food allergies or sensitivities that could be causing your bad breath. Removing the offending foods should clear up your problems. Likewise, dieting, drinking alcohol, stress, and dehydration can cause bad breath.

If you are dieting, you can try one of the remedies suggested below. Drinking more water, eliminating all alcohol and reducing stress will not only clear up your bad breath, it will help you lose weight if you are dieting. Other diet fixes for bad breath include removing cheese, sugary foods and drinks, as well as garlic and other exotic spices from your menu, or at least holding them to an absolute minimum.

You can also try some herbal and folk remedies for bad breath. Gargling with salt water is a tried and true method of getting rid of bad breath. As for herbal supplements, you can take alfalfa tablets to help with bad breath. Chewing any of a number of herbs, including anise, fennel, cloves, or mint may help with bad breath. While mint and cloves mask the odor, it is thought that anise will actually kill the offending bacteria. If you have bad breath due to something you ate, try sucking on a lemon wedge sprinkled with salt. This is thought to be especially effective against onion and garlic breath.