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Say “Goodbye” to Caffeine

If you feel like you simply “must have” your daily cup of Joe or tea, you might just be a caffeine addict. This might sound a bit extreme, but dependence on caffeine is one of the most widespread conditions in modern society. The fact that so many people find their daily lives impossible to manage without caffeine is a major problem, and it is often an issue that is not taken seriously by the medical profession.

It is worth saying “goodbye” to caffeine, since this substance is responsible for many health problems. Caffeine is highly addictive and can lead one easily to desire more than moderate amounts. Caffeine interferes with the absorption of calcium and other minerals, and excessive consumption may increase the risk of bone problems. Caffeine is also responsible for dehydration and heart palpitations. There is some indication that excessive caffeine use may cause problems for the kidneys, and anyone can attest to the fact that it jangles the nerves. Many people feel that that need a cup of coffee or tea before going to work, but caffeine can increase tension and stress levels, as well as disturbing one's sleep.

It may be hard to say goobye to caffeine, since it is addictive, but after a couple of days, the withdrawal symptoms should subside. Caffeine can easily be replaced by decaffeinated forms of the same beverage, but ensure that your tea or coffee has been naturally decaffeinated without the use of chemicals. It is a better idea to replace caffeine with invigorating herbal teas, such as ginger or lemon, which act as natural stimulants.