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Hot Stone Therapy

Hot stone therapy may sound more like torture than relaxation, but it is actually one of the best massage methods around. Hot stone therapy, or stone massage as it is also called, involves applying different sizes of water-heated basalt stones to key points on the body. The application of direct heat relaxes the muscles and allows a greater degree of manipulation and flexibility than a regular massage. Some stone massages also use frozen or cooling marble, for example, in cases of inflammation and muscular injury.

The use of stone massage and hot stone therapy has a wide range of benefits for the body. Hot stone massage is excellent for releasing stress and tension, while cold stone massage has an effect on the body that is similar to an oil change for your carócells are able to remove waste more efficiently and receive more oxygen and nutrients. Hot stone therapy is a beneficial and healing method for approaching rheumatic and arthritic conditions, poor circulation, back pain, muscular aches and strains, fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis, and even insomnia and depression. Additionally, alternating hot and cold stone therapy is a great way to tone and strengthen muscles.

You can get a professional hot stone massage from a holistic massage practitioner. The general method for professional hot stone therapy is to place heated stones on key body points, and then use other heated stones to perform an active massage, which are replaced as they cool. There are also home hot stone therapy kits available which can be used alone or with a partner. Hot stone therapy is a soothing, invigorating and cleansing experience for anyone with tense or sore muscles, medical conditions that affect the body, or those who simply wish to experience a deep heated massage with profound effects.