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Massage & Indian Head Massage

Massage, especially the Indian head massage is an ancient technique practiced in India since the past 4000 years. It is highly useful to prevent as well as cure hair loss problems caused by illnesses, stress, hypertension, and aging. The Indian head massage is one of the tried and tested practices to promote lustrous hair growth in terms of volume and tenacity.

The head massage is one of the essential grooming practices carried in India . From days of yore, women have used coconut oil, and other vegetable oils like sesame, olive and almond to nourish the hair while gently massaging the scalp. This way of massaging the scalp ensures adequate circulation of blood in the body and the head. Women used to massage the hair, sitting in rows and massaging the scalp and the hair of the person sitting in front of them.

The head massage is no longer the domain of only women. Apart from giving a cosmetic appeal to the hair, it also ensures healthy hair. Even males get a proper head massage after a hair cut in a local barber shop. There are various techniques for head massage. One of the famous one is the Champi or the Indian word for “head massage.” Champi is the word which originated from the English word “shampoo.” Now the Champi or the “champissage” as it is known internationally includes a soothing massage to the neck, back and the shoulder apart from the head massage. This is a powerful therapy which ensures the overall physical, mental and spiritual well-being of the individual.

Champissage was actually developed by the famous massage therapist Narendra Mehta in the early 70s. The Indian head massage therapy sticks to the adage “prevention is better than cure.” Massage of the scalp from childhood ensures proper blood circulation to the scalp and you can be sure to have healthy, lustrous and thick growth of hair. The technique is helpful in spreading the hair's natural oil making the hair look shiny and soft.