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Osteopathy sounds like a real complex topic, but when you break it down, it's about treating the whole body, not dividing it into little pieces. Our bodies are not just localized little areas as mainstream medicine would like us to think we cannot just put chemicals into our bodies to treat one problem without considering other complications that may arise. Osteopathy strives to treat the individual without invasive surgeries or medications, but by a deeper understanding of how the body works as a whole.

Doctors that practice osteopathy are called osteopaths. Osteopaths believe that every human being has the right to be healthy. In other words, everyone can be healthy, fit and well! It is from this view that osteopathy gains its core principles.

The most typical example of osteopathy in action is a little girl who falls down during ballet practice. Her teacher helps her up and tells her it's going to be okay. The little girl goes on with life unscathed, for the most part. But is she really? As she progresses through childhood onto adulthood, back problems begin to pop up. While conventional medicine calls for muscle relaxants and other painkillers, osteopathy takes it a step forward studying the causes and hidden problems as a whole rather than separately.

Our bodies have an amazing way of healing themselves, and with a little help, they can do that beautifully! Osteopathy is about targeting the internal and external influences that act on our bodies as a whole with a little guidance from an osteopath, you can be well on your way to better health, and a better life!